Let's Get Used to It: Mean Girls Are Forever!

February 11, 2015 10:38 PM

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It has finally been acknowledged that mean girl behavior and bullying, especially of the older and infirm, has ever been a fixture in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (January 18, 2015, SR4, "Mean Girls in Retirement Homes"). It is further now understood that those in the "powerful groups" (quotations of author) who know such behavior is wrong do nothing to stop it, fearing that if they do, they will also become targets of ridicule or rejection (J.A. Paquette and M.A. Underwood, 1999). "A developmental investigation of social aggression among children," Child Development, 73(4), pages 589-600).

Who can forget The New York Times' Feb. 3 story of Ann Clinton's exclusion from a bingo game that brought her pleasure? And I will never forget when my dear friend, recently widowed, was told she was no longer welcome at the couples table where she and her husband dined together for 10 years.

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