Let's Fix It: Save the Workaholic

November 6, 2014 9:43 PM

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Let's Fix It: Save the Workaholic

If I could fix one thing about modern business, it would be to save workaholics from themselves. I agree with Maynard Webb, former COO of eBay, in his October 13, 2014 edition of #FixIt, where he cautioned against being too loyal to your company -- because your hard work isn't going to buy you undying loyalty from your company. Companies don't last forever, so you can't expect a job for life anymore. Even the most dedicated workaholic may get a layoff notice when the company decides to downsize.

Oh sure, a few companies resisted this practice, even sneering at it as an out-of-control American practice, but most have since joined the cause. For example, the Swedish telephony company Ericsson prided itself on never, ever laying people off just to save money; however, when the dot-com bubble b...

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