How to Let Go of Comparison and Practice Wholehearted Gratitude

April 13, 2015 8:37 PM

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A year ago ago I had to go back to work as the authentic therapist I am after being out from a family member's life-threatening, and ultimately life-changing, accident. Only one year ago I had to pray before each session and take a deep breath in order to be present for my clients and to not compare my hard with their hard. Only one year ago I had to have the conversation with my clients that they are still allowed to their hard struggles even though they know I am going through hard struggle too.

It was only a year ago that my dad fell six feet off a ladder and sustained a traumatic brain injury and a lifelong disability. It was life or death. About nine months later my sister-in-law suffered from Spontaneous Coronary Dissection of all three of her heart arteries and on Dec. 18 she received ...

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