Lessons in Gracious Sharing | Jesua

February 25, 2015 10:48 PM

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Lessons in Gracious Sharing | Jesua

Yesterday on my way to my healing practice in San Rafael, California, I stopped at Whole Foods to gather some groceries for the day. When it came time to pay, I noticed the woman two customers ahead of me in a nervous dialogue with the cashier, because she apparently didn't have enough money to pay for her abundant pile of groceries. She was flustered, confused, embarrassed and apologetic.

The man behind her and directly in front of me (a stranger to us both) quickly jumped in and offered to pay for her groceries. The total was $100-and-something. For a moment she refused his offer, but his insistence was so radiant and kind, she finally agreed, blushing, stunned, grateful. The cashie...

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