Lesson one: Terror is not about lone wolves

November 14, 2015 10:04 PM

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Lesson one: Terror is not about lone wolves

2. Social media can be used as a tool for good and bad: Over the last few years, counterterrorism officials have warned about the use of social media to radicalize adherents. But throughout the events in Paris, citizens used social media -- Twitter, in particular -- to help warn others, describe events as they unfolded and guide first responders' actions, whether in a concert hall or a stadium. By using the "wisdom of the crowd" in this way, we can begin to modernize government response capabilities that build on the good faith efforts of the very citizens they are trying to help. Facebook's promotion of a "safe" status so people can know their loved ones are accounted for is an equally important contribution as it lowers the level of anxiety of family members.

3. Already, most major American cities are responding by putting more security at major airports and any major events. That is part of a well-orchestrated plan, so it should not be viewed as proof that we might be facing a similar attack or as merely security theater. When major attacks happen, even...

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