A Lesson from Detroit - America's Heart, and Soul

November 16, 2014 6:18 PM

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Detroit has been at the heart of America since its founding in 1701. Over the years, Detroit has always been the center of America. Located geographically to connect America with Canada via the natural water systems, it is the way in to America's heart. In the 1950s the formation of the regional highway system turned it into a travel hub for ordinary citizens with wanderlust, skilled workers building America's infrastructure and manufacturing base, and essential to commercial trucking routes. America and Americans are diverse, and our freedom allows us to celebrate our diversity, and our love of that freedom allows us to come together as a nation. The treasures of this most populated city in Michigan are so vast that one moniker has never been sufficient, and over the years it has been called: Motor City, Motown, City of Champions, The D, Hockeytown, Rock City, The 313 (its telephone area code), and Arsenal of Democracy after its industrial base went to work supporting the Allied powers during World War II.

A jewel in the center of Detroit is the Detroit Art Museum. And in it is a collection of some of the world's greatest works of fine art. As Americans and international travelers pass through this cultural hub they can see Vincent Van Gogh's Self Portrait, August Rodin's The Thinker, Peter Breughel's...

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