Less sleep or no sleep leads youth to bad decisions

January 20, 2015 1:06 PM

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Sleep tight is a metamorphic way of saying someone to sleep well, as it is an important activity resulting in a healthier living. You might be worrying about the sleeping habits of your teenager or could be ignoring their patterns, whatever is the reason, if the young child in your family is lacking sleep, it is the cause for concern, says the new research. According to a new study, teenagers who did not sleep well are at a higher risk of developing risky habits such as alcohol consumption, dangerous sexual behaviors, drink and driving, and wrong judgments.

Maria Wong, professor of development psychology at Idaho State University, said, “A lot of parents don’t monitor their adolescents’ sleep schedules and let them make their own decisions about when to go to bed. But parents need to start talking to their teenagers, not just about grades and extra-cur...

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