A Less Discussed Take on Cyberbullying: Building the Culture of Empathy

November 8, 2014 7:35 PM

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October was the national bullying prevention month in the United States and the media paid significant attention to the issue, with even Monica Lewinsky joining the anti-bullying campaign in an effort to end the culture of humiliation. Some anti-bullying campaigners criticized her involvement saying it would set back their cause because of Lewinsky's tainted background. The latest results of the Pew Research Study on online harassment indicate the pervasiveness of this phenomenon: 60 percent of Internet users said they witnessed someone being called offensive names; 53 percent have seen efforts to purposefully embarrass someone; and 24 percent witnessed someone being harassed for a sustained period of time ("sustained" usually being one of the requirements for researchers to label behavior as bullying).

"I think it is human nature, we have always had a wonderful side -and a dark side--and the Web is fairly accessible to those who wish to exploit it"

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