Leonardo DiCaprio To Have 24 Personalities in "The Crowded Room"

February 28, 2015 7:25 PM

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Based on the 1981 novel The Minds of Billy Milligan and set in the '70s, The Crowded Room is based on the true story of a man with Multiple Personality Disorder (now officially called Dissociative Identity Disorder) - 24 personalities to be exact - who was arrested and charged with armed robbery and the sexual assaults of three women at Ohio University. He claimed the assaults were committed by two of his personalities without his knowledge, one of which was Adalana, a lesbian who had been deprived of affection and committed the assaults with Milligan's body.

According to author Daniel Keyes' website, the other personalities include Ragen, a Yugoslavian communist who is full of rage and extremely strong; Allen, a conman; Philip, a criminal who commits petty theft; David, an 8-year-old; Tommy, an escape artist; April, who only wants to kill Milligan's abu...

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