Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna Birthday Party Photos

March 2, 2015 5:12 PM

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Ah, love! As March’s lion comes roaring in, loudly and snowily heralding the soonness of spring, there is a budding romance for us to enjoy, now sorta confirmed by two grainy photos. We’ve all been hearing the rumors lately that Leonardo DiCaprio, American environmentalist and Martin Scorsese contract player, has been dating Rihanna, Barbadian pop sensation and Instagram enthusiast. It’s an exciting rumor for a variety of reasons. First, it’s an interesting change of pace that Rihanna, while objectively beautiful, is not a 22-year-old swimsuit model. That tends to be the kinda gal that DiCaprio dates, but now he’s dating a 27-year-old musician. So, just something different! It’s also an intriguing rumor because Rihanna is cool enough that maybe she can do something about this whole situation. It’s a good rumor!

And now maybe it’s more than that. TMZ has published two photos of DiCaprio at Rihanna’s birthday party from a couple weeks back. (Her birthday was February 20. Happy belated, RiRi!) So maybe that is confirmation that they are a couple? They are not kissing in the photos, or anything like that. In f...

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