Legendary AD | Morena Duwe

February 13, 2015 9:39 PM

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Legendary AD | Morena Duwe

The art of film directing has been revered since the days of the Lumière Brothers, before the title of director had even been bestowed. Now, the director has achieved a level of celebrity that is only growing exponentially. Some directors are considered auteurs, where their name is directly correlated with a distinct style or aesthetic. Other directors are visionaries who have the power to resurrect extinct animals or create mythical landscapes so real that even Mother Nature herself would approve. There are also those who are risk takers, continually pushing boundaries, challenging their audiences and bending genres. No matter what style or method a director uses, none of them could achieve success without the dedication of their assistant directors.

For the first time, filmmaker Leonardo Corbucci is capturing the stories of some of cinema's most accomplished assistant directors. With only a trailer and a 60 minute preview available for press and distribution, the full length feature is due to release in March of 2015. "The AD is the oil which m...

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