The Leftovers Season 1 Finale Recap: Nothing Else Matters

September 8, 2014 5:14 PM

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The Leftovers Season 1 Finale Recap: Nothing Else Matters

For me, the central question of any story is the one I asked here a few weeks ago: Why now? At the time, it was a question that was frustrating me in The Leftovers, but no longer. This show has always been about the gray space between good and evil. That conflict is clearer in the season finale than ever before: All of these people that we’ve been watching and wondering about and caring about for all these weeks, this story that has been sometimes stagnant and sometimes an emotional gut-punch, they all crystallized this week. And, damn, was it satisfying.

I really think they hit a nice balance here between wrapping up plotlines from this season while leaving doors open for the next. The Guilty Remnant is in tatters, the White Sweatshirt of Leadership having passed first from Patti to Laurie and now — I’d be willing to bet — to Meg, whose steely-eyed ...

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