Leeza Gibbons is the Celebrity Apprentice winner at the end of the season as decided by the rich and famous Donald Trump.

February 17, 2015 8:29 AM

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And she finally made it! Liza Gibbons was declared to be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice by the man who is famous for the Art of the Deal, Donald Trump. Leeza was up against Geraldo Rivera, the journalist and anchorperson. And while Leeza’s other cohorts adored her, the same cannot be said about Rivera.

Geraldo’s icy attitude didn’t endear him much to his team mates. However, it was a neck-to-neck competition and Geraldo was full of chutzpah and challenged the norms as was his style. Whereas Leeza raised money for an Alzheimer’s foundation in honor of her mother who contracted the disease, Geraldo ...

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