Learning to Let Go: Love Lessons From a Nomad

December 4, 2014 8:14 PM

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As a writer, I am always much more inspired when I am feeling sad about how my (love) life is progressing. But today, I'm happy. I'm living the life that I always wanted: I'm traveling the world for months at time, exploring new cities and meeting new people. Right now, I'm writing this article in a restaurant in Barcelona with a glass of vino tinto beside me. Other than some fleeting moments of loneliness -- which are completely normal when you're spending five weeks in a city of millions of people that you don't know -- I am so happy to be living my dream.

Even still, as a single, 30-something woman, I do think about dating and, one day, finding love; however, the nature of my lifestyle makes it difficult to develop any sort of relationship that could last beyond the short-term. When traveling, you may have a few exciting hellos, but mostly, devastati...

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