What I Learned From Watching 'Insurgent' With My Mom

March 30, 2015 1:11 PM

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What I Learned From Watching 'Insurgent' With My Mom

I take after my mother: not great at remembering the names of things, but a meticulous logger of my emotional inventory. My mother once referred to my roommate “Alyssa” as “Alys--manda?” for an entire year. Still, she was able to sense the bubbling tension between us (unrelated to the name jumble) for months before our eventual move-out-inducing fight. Thus, she’s often not caught up on the jargon used to describe cultural trends.

It’s refreshing to talk about new books or movies with her, because she’s less acquainted with the Twitter-fed slang monster reigning over most criticism-oriented conversation. If you asked her about the Great YA Debate, she, like many moms, would ask simply, “What’s YA?” So when I went home to Texa...

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