How I Learned Fearlessness From My Daughter

February 10, 2015 10:55 PM

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How I Learned Fearlessness From My Daughter

She is still a baby to me, just 22 months old, but acts like she owns the playground. She runs right past the other kids slowly ascending the stairs. When she reaches the tallest slide, she barely allows herself enough time to get situated before she whizzes down, screaming "whee!" and laughing the whole way to the bottom. She then looks up at me with her sweet smile and asks "more?"

I took her to the beach. "Ocean?" she asks every morning since. She loved the sea and walked right in, not quite understanding why I held her back from the waves. She chased seagulls on the sand. "Peep peep!" she quietly said, reminding herself that they are birds. She seemed confused when she wasn'...

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