Learn to Meditate and Avoid Common Beginner Mistakes | Rachael Yahne

February 24, 2015 9:11 PM

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Touted across the globe as one of the most important daily tools for healthy living, the benefits of meditation include reduced stress, increased concentration and happiness, and more (read them all in this Third Metric article). It's also noted by some of the most successful thinkers of our time as an essential and life-altering practice to reaching success. As I woman I also find that meditation taps me into the awareness to make better choices in my diet and be a kinder, more compassionate person to my friends and family.

Judging the Experience It's not about whether it was a "good meditation" or a "bad meditation" or whether you are good or bad at it. Any moment of even attempting to give your mind and heart a moment of silence is a beautiful gift. Commit to not listening, holding on to, or believing what your ego w...

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