Leaders Like MLK Are Not a Thing of the Past, But We Must Shape the Moral Frame of Our Day

January 12, 2015 8:06 PM

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Watching Selma in the middle of a crowded movie theater this week, I found myself doubled over in emotion. I knew the faces and their voices. My daddy was a white preacher who was run out of his North Carolina pulpit by the KKK for his civil rights support. In 1964, he and my mother moved to Alabama. She was a teacher who was among the first to work in the integrated schools. I was born the following year, six months after the Selma March and two years to the day after four little girls were murdered at a church up in Birmingham.

Not surprisingly, I got hooked at a young age on the power of prophetic witness. Today, I train leaders of faith and moral courage -- as King called them in the film, "people of God and good will" -- to speak their truth and stand for justice in the media. A documentary filmmaker with a theological ...

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