Late With Lance

March 24, 2015 7:41 PM

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Late With Lance

If Hugh Jackman and Liza Minelli had a love child, he would be Lance Jonathan, the newest incarnation of comic genius Peter Michael Marino. Marino first came to this reviewer's attention in the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he performed a more conventional "true-story" solo show about his life. Only instead of a tedious show about overcoming addiction, bulimia, or obsessive nail biting, Peter wrote about his experience writing an epic flop of a jukebox musical, Desperately Seeking Susan. He turned that lemon into a very long-lasting stream of lemonade in his show Desperately Seeking the Exit, a title gleaned from one of his worst reviews. In his new show, Late with Lance, he won't have any such reviews. Instead, audiences may be "Desperately Seeking a Ticket" to see this funny-sad parody of a talk show.

The set up is that Lance, the son of two gay daddies who produce shows on a cruise ship, has never been able to get on stage himself. He's the stage manager, the understudy, the wannabe standing in the wings memorizing every lyric and mouthing words to the music in the wings. But Lance has a dream, ...

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