'The Last of Us' Movie News

September 9, 2014 11:52 AM

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'The Last of Us' Movie News

If any science fiction premise deserves to be adapted for television, none is better suited thean Philip K. Dick's Minority Report. The short story written in 1956 was adapted into a highly successful movie in 2002, directed by Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg and starring Hollywoods favorite everyman Tom Cruise. Both the original short story and the movie follow the pre-crime divison, a special team of police officers whom use a team of three "pre-cog's" to predict the future , allowing them to arrest criminals before they commit their intended crime.

Set in 2064, ten years after the events of the movie, a reportedly, as-of-yet uncast female lead will star as a detective haunted by her past whom will help a male pre-cog (Arthur/Dashiell or a new character) find a use for his extraordinary gift as he struggles with "normal" human life, all within ...

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