Large Hadron Collider Data Challenges Cosmic 'Inflation' Theory

April 16, 2013 3:38 PM

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Large Hadron Collider Data Challenges Cosmic 'Inflation' Theory

When the European Space Agency’s Planck mission team unveiled the most detailed map yet of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background — the afterglow of the Big Bang — in March, the map was seen as in line, for the most part, with the standard theory of cosmology. But now, a controversial analysis combining the Planck findings with recent data about the Higgs boson paints the prevailing theory in a dim light.

According to the preliminary analysis of the space observatory's data published on the arXiv preprint server, the precise temperature patterns detected in the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, support the predictions of standard cosmology — that soon after the Big Bang, the early Universe underwe...

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