Large Hadron Collider back in Action to solve the Mystery behind the Dark Matter

March 9, 2015 6:29 PM

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Large Hadron Collider was sidelined three years ago from groundbreaking discoveries for purposes of maintenance. The Higgs Boson facility which is commonly referred to as the “God Particle” is said to be the world’s most powerful smasher and as reported by Financial Times. It was believed that its upgrading would ensure that it is able to dig deeper into the dark matter which apparently will only interact with the ordinary matter through gravity.

Never the less the Collider which was only discovered after the use of LHC and it is known to give mass to other particles is now back to action. At the speed of light, it is able to blast protons. In addition and with its power, it can detect elusive superparticles which are said to be more massive...

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