Lancaster botulism outbreak caused by home-canned food

April 26, 2015 12:41 PM

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Botulism is something that, until recently, has remained virtually extinct from our daily news cycle. That was until an outbreak in Lancaster, Ohio actually accounted for 20% of the “typical” number of cases that the U.S. experiences in one calendar year. The outbreak was traced back to a pot luck dinner that was put on by a dinner, but was further traced back to home-canned foods. Ultimately, the outbreak left one individual dead and 28 others sick.

While botulism itself isn’t typically lethal, it’s something that has been talked about a lot recently. In fact, it has a mortality rate of between 3-5% and that is largely due to the fact that science and preservation has gotten so good in this country. However, there are still things to watch for ...

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