Krieg Nicht Lieb

December 15, 2014 2:25 PM

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Krieg Nicht Lieb

After the United States completely pulled out of Pakistan, the ambassador and company have headed home. Intent on reclaiming the Sandy files lost to Haqqani, Quinn stayed behind last week and Carrie has followed suit. This week, we open on Carrie chatting with Aasar Khan about why she's still in Islamabad. The relationship the two established is very clearly strained because each is required to follow orders by their respective countries. Aasar Khan needs Quinn out of Islamabad and Carrie needs the same. They want to still trust each other but their are larger issues at stake here than maintaing bonds with an old ally.

The following day Carrie heads back to the abandoned embassy to find nearly everything packed up and gone. The last few members of the embassy who are left are given the job by Carrie to try to bring back Quinn. Max has rallied the systems that were previously shut down and everyone is brought up to...

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