Knee Replacement: What to Consider

March 25, 2015 2:05 PM

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Knee Replacement: What to Consider

Fred Kozlo, 61, vice president of Nexus Protective Services in Calgary, Alberta, likes his left knee better than his right knee. He’s OK with the standard right partial knee replacement he had done five years ago in Canada. But he’s ecstatic about the left partial knee replacement he had less than a month ago in Arizona, which involved computer-assisted surgery with robotic technology. For Kozlo, short-term recovery has been much smoother the second time around.

The knee joint is made up of three separate areas, or compartments: the medial or inside part of the knee, the lateral or outside part of the knee and the patellofemoral compartment at the front of the knee, beneath the thighbone. If you have damage from arthritis confined to just one compartment of...

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