KIMOJI on the App Store

December 26, 2015 6:19 PM

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KIMOJI on the App Store

I got the kimoji app because I thought it looked cool and I really liked the emojis. When I got the app, I added it to my keyboard. When I added it to my keyboard I picked one of the emojis and clicked on it. when I clicked on it, it said "copied to clipboard". When copying something to the clipboard it is copied as a picture. I was expecting it to be an emoji. When it is a picture, you can't use it on some apps like Instagram and things like that because it is copied as a clipboard. I was not expecting a picture. Whenever I try to post a emoji as a picture on snapchat or Facebook or something like that, the picture/ emoji is very pixilated and blurry. The emojis are really cool and I really like them because I can't get them in the regular emojis but they are really nothing great. The app is also 2 dollars. The app is not worth the 2 dollars. If I had known at first that the emojis were pictures, I wouldn't have never bought it.

Honestly, the emoticons are worth it and awesome BUT THEY ARE NOT EMOJIS. I don't like the fact that i have to copy/paste them to send them and that when they are sent they appear as a picture. They are waaaaaay bigger than a normal emoji and this doesn't get pasted aside of the text like a normal e...

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