Killer Legends Available on DVD and iTunes

July 8, 2014 9:32 PM

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Killer Legends Available on DVD and iTunes

Good news for folklore enthusiasts and legend trippers: Killer Legends, a smart, scary documentary I discussed when it was first aired back in February, is now available on DVD and iTunes. I was one of several folklore experts interviewed for the film, which explores four legends in the light of true crime cases that might have inspired them: the Hookman, who has haunted Lovers' Lanes since the 1950s; the Man Upstairs, who makes threatening phone calls to an innocent babysitter; the Candyman, who poisons kids' Halloween candy; and Killer Clowns, who roamed 1980s and 1990s cities in white vans looking for kids to kidnap. It follows producers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they roam the country investigating the scary crimes.

Colavito's post is admirably detailed, but suffers from a form of overreach typical of 19th-century folklore scholarship: stories with any plot point or character name in common are "tied together with a bow," to use Colavito's words, but significant connections fail to emerge. For example, he sugge...

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