How to Kill a Culture in 3 Easy Steps

October 31, 2014 7:08 PM

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How to Kill a Culture in 3 Easy Steps

Over the past few years I've been filming interviews with random people I've met from the streets of New York, to Prague and from the farms of Eastern Europe to the Midwest and Western United States. I've interviewed hundreds of people from farmers, artist, workers, professors and even celebrities and pop stars, and in nearly all cases most people especially in the United States, haven't a clue about what culture is. I've gotten responses from, "Its some fifty-dollar word that doctors use to make you feel stupid" to "It's a thing of the past, [but] we're beyond that now." In some rare instances I've been surprised, "It's an idea about the potential of what humanity can accomplish" and "It is the actualizing of human dreams, like Walt Disney."

The more I travel the world the more I learn how different peoples share common habits that weave together or cultivating their common way of life. Most families who live on farms (both in Europe and in the States), for example, tend to eat together, whereas most city and suburban dwellers in the St...

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