Kickstarter Aims To Fund A Kurt Vonnegut Documentary

February 10, 2015 10:41 PM

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Kickstarter Aims To Fund A Kurt Vonnegut Documentary

Perhaps the buzziest takeaway from this year's Oscar nominee announcements was the inclusion of "Boyhood," a directorial feat that took over a decade to complete. But Robert B. Weide, best known as the director behind "Curb Your Enthusiasm," joked that he's unimpressed with the effort: "God, I wish it took me only 12 years to make a movie," he told The Wall Street Journal. Weide's comment is only partly in jest: he began a documentary film about Kurt Vonnegut's life in 1982, and is only just returning to it this year.

Certainly, Vonnegut's life offered ample fodder for filming. The author was famously quippy and self-deprecating. He served in the army, studied anthropology, and worked as a volunteer fire-fighter. He wore his political views on his sleeve, and related them clearly in his writing. So how does one p...

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