Keith Murdoch, Father Of Media Baron, Disclosed Disaster At Gallipoli

April 24, 2015 8:22 PM

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In Peter's report we heard a reference to letters that were sent from the front at Gallipoli. Well, one letter actually helped lead to the withdrawal of Allied Forces. It was written by a reporter, a 29-year-old Australian named Keith Murdoch, the father of media baron Rupert Murdoch. Peter FitzSimons is the author of the recent book, "Gallipoli," and he says Keith Murdoch was there for four days.

PETER FITZSIMONS: He lands at Gallipoli and he's absolutely goggle-eyed at what he's seeing. And for four days he's escorted uphill, down dale, through the trenches, sees the Turkish trenches, sees the grenades, sees the artillery, sees the appalling conditions after a long summer when men are dying...

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