Keanu Reeves roars back in as ‘John Wick’

October 23, 2014 8:20 PM

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Keanu Reeves roars back in as ‘John Wick’

You hear that Keanu Reeves is starring in “John Wick” as a retired hit man dragged back into the trade, and you’re pretty sure you know what to expect: standard revenge fantasy tweaked with the Asian-influenced fighting style that seems to lure Reeves like a “bring it on” gesture. (See not just “The Matrix,” but also Reeves’s recent “47 Ronin” and “Man of Tai Chi.”) We do get this from the actor and Chad Stahelski, his onetime stunt double turned director, and it’s genre action that’s brutally riveting. But we also get a great, unadvertised tour through a criminal shadow world that’s got its own hint of neo-trippiness. Who knew that there are boutique hotels catering to the discriminating assassin?

Life had been good for Wick, but not anymore. He was enjoying a luxe post-mob existence with his wife (Bridget Moynahan) when she got sick and died. In an almost dementedly aching scene, a courier delivers him a puppy that Mrs. Wick wanted him to have after she was gone. Then comes a fateful encount...

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