Keanu Reeves On Not Receiving More Offers From Hollywood: 'It Sucks'

October 22, 2014 3:39 PM

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Fifteen years since "The Matrix," Keanu Reeves remains one of the more intriguing action stars in American movies. His latest vehicle, the wildly entertaining action-revenge drama "John Wick," shows you why. Co-directed by former stunt men David Leitch and Chad Sthelski, the movie turns its tightly-wound premise — Wick, a retired hit man, seeks revenge against a crime boss' son for killing his dog — into a slick, energizing series of showdowns. While Reeves punches, kicks, shoots and otherwise steamrolls various bad guys, the movie maintains an elegant visual style that strikes a noticeable contrast with the more assaultive form of action movies produced on a bigger scale today. In a candid discussion with Indiewire, Reeves explained why he's been drawn to various genre films lately — and how his recent involvement in more indie than studio projects wasn't a conscious choice.

Your last three movies — "Man of Tai Chi," "47 Ronin" and now "John Wick" — are almost like a trilogy about lone warriors. What do you make of that association?

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