Kangaroos Haven’t Always Hopped

October 16, 2014 5:12 AM

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The kangaroo lovers may find it hard to digest this fact. But yes, it’s true. Researchers and animal scientists have found that the kangaroos, which lived in Australia 100,000 years ago, weighed about 250kg and were times the size of present kangaroos. These kangaroos had rabbit-like face and were about 2.7 meters tall. The researchers analyzed the bones of more than 140 past and present kangaroos and they concluded that these short-face kangaroos lacked specialized features for fast hopping.

Brown University Professor and lead researcher Christine Janis said, “I do not think those kangaroos could have got that large unless they were walking.” She further added, “If it is not possible in terms of biomechanics to hop at very slow speeds, particularly if you are a big animal, and you canno...

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