Kandace Springs: A Change Is Gonna Come

October 3, 2014 7:07 PM

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Kandace Springs: A Change Is Gonna Come

After being escorted up the serpentine staircase and led to the balcony area from which I would view the show, I took a moment to better take in the scene around me. The Lower East Side venue known as The Box is as famously secretive as it is selective. Having found myself with a coveted invite to attend Kandace Springs' EP release event, I once again counted myself amongst the lucky. The balcony, like the rest of the place, is dimly lit with candles and red and amber lamps. A couple is already seated there, and the man tells me the venue, a sometimes burlesque theater in a pre-war building, was made popular again in the nineties when Madonna frequented the place. This night, the room was packed and the expectant buzz vibrated up through the building to where I stood. I'd seen Ms. Springs perform this summer at Afropunk Fest. Then an unknown to me, I realized right away that the often bleak landscape of R&B and soul music was seeing a welcomed resurgence. This was my theory, anyway. In the dark interior of The Box, I'd come to see the truth revealed to light.

The last twenty five years of music have brought many amazing voices, and far more forgettable ones. Notable amongst the memorable are Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and D'Angelo. The connecting thread between all of these artists was, and is an undeniable rooting in soul music; the kind that...

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