‘Justified’ Series Finale Discussion: ‘We Dug Coal Together’

April 15, 2015 4:21 PM

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‘Justified’ Series Finale Discussion: ‘We Dug Coal Together’

After six years of reminding us through song that you — whoever exactly “you” is at the moment — will never leave Harlan alive, and backing that up by blowing the heads off of a fair chunk of the criminal population from the swamps of Miami up to Detroit, Justified proved itself a liar in the best way possible last night. It turns out that you can leave Harlan alive. Well, some of you. One of you is getting a bullet in the eye. And another is dying in the street like a dog. But just about everyone else got some degree of a happy ending. It was… kind of sweet, actually. Really sweet. No, you’re crying a little.

There was a lot of ground covered to get us there from where we were, though, so let’s start with that. When we left off last week, Boyd was surrounded by dead old coots and looking for his/Ava’s/Markham’s money, Ava had just been taken hostage by two of Harlan’s many corrupt cops, and Raylan was ab...

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