'Justified' postmortem: Joelle Carter on working with Mary Steenburgen and Ava's crumbling exit plan

February 11, 2015 5:15 AM

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Joelle Carter: [Laughs.] I think she needs it; she needs the escape. I feel like with Katherine… or with both of them, maybe, it’s more of her making the best of a situation. She’s no foreigner to drinking. And I think that was just an important moment for Boyd and Ava to start working their way back to each other, because it takes down some walls, and hopefully she doesn’t let other information slip out. It’s a good setup for this episode, where she’s trying to get closer to Boyd, whether for her own reasons, or the need of another physical being, or because they do still love each other. There’s a lot going on there.

I honestly think there’s a part of her that truly desires him to figure it out. You know, “figure it out, Boyd, and get us out of this situation. Work your magic and let’s run.” And that would be okay. The other scenario is, “can I trust you Raylan? If I go through with this, are you going to keep m...

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