Just Say No, at Least for Now | Eric Korpela

February 16, 2015 3:05 PM

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Some of you may have noticed the Berkeley SETI Research Center's statement on sending messages to other stars. Some of you may be surprised at our stance against transmitting. We put out our statement because the SETI Institute has been indicating that they want to start transmitting. They had an invitation-only workshop on transmitting at the SETI Institute on Feb 13, 2015 (I was not on the guest list) where according to the Guardian, opponents of transmitting were called "paranoid." It seems a little harsh. Here's why I think transmitting is a mistake in more detail than the statement gives. This is not necessarily the view of the other people who signed the statement.

It's impossible to do a cost benefit analysis of transmitting. Nobody can tell you the probability that these signal will be detected, or if they are, what the reaction of extraterrestrials will be. Is there a 1 in a million chance that ET will decide we're a threat and eliminate us? Is there a 1 in...

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