This Just Might Be The No. 1 Superfood For Women (VIDEO)

November 5, 2014 3:24 PM

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This grain, which is commonly used in Ethiopian cooking to make inerja bread, is growing in popularity, according to Daniel Levine, director of the Avant-Guide Institute, a world trends consultancy firm. Teff is gluten free and that is part of why its profile is rising in North America, where gluten-free foods remain trendy. Unfortunately, increased Western demand for teff is sending prices higher and making it less accessible to Ethiopians who rely on its nutritious benefits and use it as a key part of their traditional cuisine.

Noticing this Korean ingredient in more and more of your favourite stores? That’s partly due to the growing popularity of fermented foods — kimchi is made with fermented cabbage — and other new-to-us ingredients, as well as an extension of the yogurt and probiotic trend. But you won’t just find kimc...

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