Just What Do You Owe Your Doctor?

July 10, 2014 4:56 PM

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Just What Do You Owe Your Doctor?

So the last time I wrote a blog, it was a simple little list of things that I would have done differently through my own battle with cancer. Leave it to the kids at Stupid Cancer to take that list and turn it on its ear. Next thing you know, literally hundreds and hundreds of people talked about what they would have done differently with their own experience, and one thing kept popping up over and over: "I would not have listened to my oncologist."

I have to say that I was really blindsided by this. To be honest, I had a really, really good oncologist. Once my diagnosis came in as the simple seminoma version of testicular cancer, he immediately formulated a plan to treat me. My cancer was pretty widespread, so surgery was out of the question. ...

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