Jurrasic World for real: new “dragon” dinosaur turns up in China

January 29, 2015 7:57 PM

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At 15-meters long, Qijianglong (pronounced “CHI-jyang-lon") was not a small dinosaur. Half of its length was made up of neck, while a tiny head sat on one end and a four-legged hulk of a body sat at the other. The digging site at which this animal was found was first discovered in 2006, and only now have paleontologists gotten to a point where they're comfortable confirming the new species, long neck and head included. This creature is from the mamenchisaurids family and the sauropodomorpha (sauropod) suborder - long necked, plant-eating dinosaurs found all around the world.

PhD student and University of Alberta paleontologist Tetsuto Miyashita marveled at the pieces of skeleton that've turned up thus far: "It is rare to find a head and neck of a long-necked dinosaur together because the head is so small and easily detached after the animal dies."

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