How I Jumpstarted My Post-Grad Life in Three Simple Steps

August 18, 2014 8:14 PM

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How I Jumpstarted My Post-Grad Life in Three Simple Steps

As a recent college graduate, it was easy to believe that I had a lot working against me. All I had to do was watch the news for an hour to hear about all the factors impeding my generation succeeding in this new post-grad world. Gone was the bubble that is college life; the time where you can make a couple 45 minute classes and then follow it up with nightly bar sessions, only to repeat it every weekday until the weekend. As a former student of Georgia College, I was the vice president of the student body, a business major and an all around fun loving guy. It wasn't until my transition to post-grad life where I came to realize how thick of a bubble I had been living in. Instantaneously I was transitioned to the "real world" that we used to hear about, as if there were some scenario in which we could avoid our eventual place in society. I knew that the old rules wouldn't apply and to succeed meant stepping up. What follows are just a few of the practices that I've embraced in my life since graduation. One mental, one physical and one strategic.

Embrace the quiet. One thing I came to realize after I received my first driver's license was that whenever I had a predicament in my life, I would naturally opt to turn off the car radio and instead drive in silence. What I came to surmise over time was that this was my mind's understated way to in...

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