John Turturro Hoping To Make A Big Lebowski Spinoff Centered Around His Character

June 25, 2014 12:56 PM

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Despite their fame and iconography, no one has yet tried to make a big screen sequel or spinoff to a Coen brothers film. Sure, they've done it on TV: the recent Fargo on FX was the second of two televised attempts to capitalize on that film. But we haven't had to sit through Barton Fink Returns; we've never met A More Serious Man; and we haven't yet caught O Brother, I Found You. But are you ready to mess with Big Lebowski's the Jesus once more?

At the Taorima Film Festival, (via FilmDivider), John Turturro revealed his intention is to make a long-rumored follow-up to The Big Lebowski - specifically one centered on his character Jesus Quintana. He told the audience,

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