John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan: When Is It Over?

October 3, 2014 4:31 PM

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There's nothing like a public declaration of ongoing love. While promoting his new album, Plain Spoken, rock musician John Mellencamp said he hopes to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, actress Meg Ryan. The couple began dating in early 2011, but broke up in August, partly due to distance. "I'm grateful for the three and a half years we've been together. Nothing's over," John said. At an appearance on NBC's Today last Friday, he added, "Meg's an angel. Nothing's over 'til it's over." The ex-lovers are reportedly on good terms as of now, so John's public statement of hope could be a shout out to give it another try, depending on Meg's reaction. The question becomes, how do you know when to call it quits or stick it out?

The issue they may be facing, which might be familiar ground to others, is: what happens when the love doesn't end but the logistics play out in such a way that it makes it almost impossible to maintain intimacy and a life together? For example, what if people live in different places and have no ch...

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