Will John Cho Be Television's First Asian Romantic Lead?

September 25, 2014 4:34 PM

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Will John Cho Be Television's First Asian Romantic Lead?

When I was growing up, Asian American men were virtually absent from television and popular culture. And when they were present -- Bruce Lee or Lieutenant Sulu, for example -- they never got the girl. While Asian faces are better represented today on shows such as The Mentalist, Glee, The Walking Dead and Hawaii Five-0, they are not shown as romantic leads, particularly when it comes to non-Asian women, even though we know that it happens in real life (for the record, that's how I came to be on this planet.) But ABC's new series, Selfie, which stars John Cho and Karen Gillan, could be the first show to make the Asian male romantic lead a "thing" in Hollywood.

A modern retelling of My Fair Lady, Selfie follows the self-obsessed, twentysomething Eliza Dooley (played by the wildly charming Gillan) who is "Insta-famous," and in desperate need of a real-life makeover after an unflattering video of her goes viral. She enlists her co-worker Henry (a self-assure...

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