Jimmy Kimmel Proves Once Again That Unnecessary Censorship Is The Best Censorship

August 1, 2014 7:48 PM

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Censorship has always been a concern throughout American history. How important was censorship to our Founding Fathers? Our government was literally founded on it with the First Amendment which established freedoms such as speech, expression, press, protest and religion. With the recent attempts by countries to limit freedoms by censoring people's abilities to express their thoughts and words, such as in Pakistan with the temporary banning of Twitter, Americans have unleashed a barrage of criticisms towards those governments who are attempting to squash one of America's most cherished amendments. Most Americans may not be able to list all of our 27 amendments, but we never have a problem remembering the first. Though many governments throughout the world are guilty of violating specific freedoms, many Americans fail to realize that, just because our constitution states that we are entitled to certain freedoms, America hasn't always necessarily practiced what we preach, or even founded our nation on.

Presidents are people too, and some have used the power that comes with the office to seek revenge on certain critics. Honestly, I believe my first act as president would be to arrest and exile every single one of my ex-girlfriends going back to the first grade. With that being said, John Adams earn...

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