Jason Katims on 'Parenthood' finale montage, that surprise guest, more

January 30, 2015 4:01 AM

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We considered everything because the Ryan and Amber story is one of those stories that was kind of like Hank versus Mark Cyr where everybody was divided on it, including everybody in the writers room. So we had many conversations about where to go with that particular story but when the idea came up of Amber getting pregnant, I was interested in the idea of her doing it on her own. For whatever reason that appealed to me. It might’ve been because it lent itself to stories with the rest of our Braverman family and since I knew we were in our last season, I wanted to see, as much as possible, stories that brought our family together and interconnected them all. So that’s how I wound up there.”

On losing Zeek: “I never knew exactly what the ending was going to be. Over the course of the series I’ve wanted to tell the story of losing a family member but I never wanted to do it because I didn’t want to lose any of those great actors, honestly. Even the way we broke the story of Zeek dying ke...

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