Jason Bateman Knows His Way Around ‘Bad Words’

March 21, 2014 12:32 PM

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Jason Bateman has thrived off of playing the passive-aggressive everyman who falls victim to the type-A characters of the world, reserving his emotional outbursts to instead embodying reason, restraint and rationale. We can identify with him because in reality, we are probably allowed to live out a handful of fantasies of pushing back against our obstacles in extreme ways before we face harmful consequences. So what happens when Bateman plays against type and becomes the bully? Well, lots of Bad Words start flying for one.

Meet Guy Trilby (Bateman) a forty-something enigma of a protagonist, hell-bent on winning every spelling bee that he enters. A loophole in the rules allows him to comply with every contest at the annoyance of every parent of his junior high competitors. Interestingly, the only competitors bothered b...

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