Jane the Virgin Is Miraculously Good

October 13, 2014 4:38 PM

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Jane the Virgin Is Miraculously Good

Jane the Virgin has the season's most outlandish premise: Our heroine Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is accidentally inseminated after a frazzled gynecologist mixes up which patient is in which room, and now here she is, a pregnant virgin. As if that weren't bonkers enough, her fetus's biological father is Rafael, a hotshot hotelier whom Jane had crush on a few years back. Rafael is married to a terrible woman; Jane is about to be engaged to a seemingly wonderful dude; oh, and Jane's never-in-the-picture-before dad has resurfaced, and he's a big soap star, and he tells her mom that he wants to meet her. It's a lot! Plus a grandma! And yet Jane doesn't feel like too much. The emotions track, the characters make sense, there's a clearly established world and tone and structure. Jane knows itself right off the bat.

A huge part of the show's success comes from Rodriguez's performance. Because there's so much heaped on the Jane character — and so much of if can seem pretty horrifying without the buffer of the show's telenovela style — it's essential that she not seem like a victim, like someone to pity. Rodrigue...

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