James Gunn brings a wild crew of intergalactic warriors to the Marvel Universe

July 21, 2014 3:30 PM

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If James Gunn had had his way, the Marvel Studios blockbuster that's arriving in theatres on August 1 to conquer the late-summer box office would be…Hit-Monkey. Doesn't ring a bell? That's okay; after all, you'd have to be as devoted a Marvel Zombie as Gunn to be on a first-name basis with that particular character, a bad-ass, gun-toting simian assassin who scored a one-shot comic in 2010 followed by a three-issue guest arc alongside one of the company's more established anti-heroes, Deadpool.

"He's a character not very many people know, but I really wanted to do a Hit-Monkey movie," says Gunn, on the phone from California. The lack of name recognition coupled with the whole "monkey assassin" thing made it an unlikely pitch, but the 43-year-old writer-director still gave it the ol' colleg...

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