James Franco Writes ‘Fictional’ Story About NOT Sleeping With A Girl Named Lindsay Lohan

June 10, 2014 11:35 AM

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When James Franco’s name appeared on Lindsay Lohan’s leaked ‘sex list’ one of the great sexual mysteries of our time began. Did James Franco actually sleep with Lindsay Lohan? We asked....if he didn't, why would she say he did? Then there was the more important question of, why are we even discussing this? Well apparently there’s still more to be discussed on this one as in the latest development, Franco has penned a fictional story about not sleeping with a girl named Lindsay Lohan, a story similar to the one he told Howard Stern (about not sleeping with a girl named Lindsay Lohan). Confusing? A little, yes, but just wait till you read said story, prepare for any love you had left for Franco to slowly evaporate.

The story, entitled Bungalow 89, has been published in Vice’s fiction issue, so you can kind of guess what we might be in for. James Franco plus Vice sounds like it could be a recipe for try hard artsy junk. But when you add in a few spoonfuls of J.D. Salinger, you’ve got a yourself feast so rich in...

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